What We Do

Clean Water for All is dedicated to clean water, for drinking, for fishing and other recreation, for economic stability and for community health.

The Clean Water for All Coalition was born recognizing the need for a single, comprehensive coalition that advocates for national clean water protections, which in turn benefits people and watersheds across the country. The Coalition therefore works to expand and defend federal policies that protect clean water, in order to ensure that every community has access to safe and affordable clean water that supports healthy communities, healthy ecosystems, cultural resources, and wildlife.

We have three issue-focused work groups that advance our policy goals and campaigns. More information about each work group can be found by clicking on the buttons below. If you are a member of the Coalition and would like to be added to any of the Coalition’s work group list servs and/or calls, please fill out this form.

Also to note: we do not have specific work groups related to clean water and equity or clean water and climate change, instead each of our work groups work at the intersection of their issues and equity and climate.

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