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Tweet With Us to #ProtectCleanWater

Tweet With Us to #ProtectCleanWater

More than 800,000 people called on the Environmental Protection Agency to protect clean water in 2014. Hundreds of thousands did the same in 2012. And 2010. And in the aughts. And every time you ask people whether we should have strong safeguards for the water we drink, the answer is a resounding “YES”.

So, what’s up with Congress?

As Bob wrote yesterday, the War on Water is back and many in Congress want to make it impossible to protect streams and wetlands. Which is weird because it’s the opposite of what Americans want.

Well, we can’t let that happen.

We need to make sure our Senators and Representatives know just how much we want to protect clean water. So today were kicking off a social media blitz to show our elected officials that we expect them to stand with us to protect streams and wetlands, not polluters to protect corporate revenue streams. Join in to #ProtectCleanWater.

It’s amazing how much impact a few tweets can have. Recent studies have shown that as few as 30 tweets or comments can get the attention of elected officials. So what do you think will happen when we get 100 or 500 or 1,000 tweets telling Senators like @JimInhofe that we expect him to follow the science (like he said he would) and let @EPA #ProtectCleanWater. Think about the power of letting @BobCasey know that we appreciate his support of the campaign and ask him to convince his colleagues to stand with him and us?

All it takes to join us is a Twitter account. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Take a moment today and tell your Senators and Representative to #ProtectCleanWater.

Here are some sample tweets. Make sure to include your Senators’ or Representative’s Twitter Handle. You can usually find it on their official website.

  1. More than 800,000 Americans told @EPA that they are #4CleanWater. Time to #ProtectCleanWater now!
  2. Science! – 1200+ studies show the importance of streams & wetlands on larger waterbodies
  3. “Love that dirty water!” was the anthem for 113th Congress. (Rep/Sen Handle) – don’t let it be for the 114th #ProtectCleanWater
  4. Stand with more than 800K Americans who want to #ProtectCleanWater
  5. Hey – the #DrinkingWater for 117 million Americans has been at risk for way too long.Let @EPA #ProtectCleanWater
  6. We all live downstream. Time to #ProtectCleanWater
  7. Thank you @CoryBooker for supporting the fight to #ProtectCleanWater
  8. We need more champs like @SenSanders to stand up and #ProtectCleanWater
  9. .@SenCardin is fighting to #ProtectCleanWater. Let him know that you are #4CleanWater too!
  10. Thanks to @SenGillibrand, New York has a voice to #ProtectCleanWater
  11. Love to see leaders like @MarkeyMemo stand up and say #ProtectCleanWater!
  12. .@SenatorBoxer is standing up to #ProtectCleanWater (Thank you!!) – will you join her?
  13. #Climate leader @SenWhitehouse is also a voice a to #ProtectCleanWater – let him know you are #4CleanWater too!
  14. Thank you @SenJeffMerkley – we need more leaders who will stand up to #ProtectCleanWater
  15. Don’t let Congress put corporate revenue streams ahead of healthy streams. Tell (Rep/Sen Handle) to #ProtectCleanWater

    The City of Alexandria wants to #ProtectCleanWater

    The City of Alexandria wants to #ProtectCleanWater


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