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Your Let Your Voice Be Heard: Clean Water Act Story Collection!

Polluters are pushing to prevent the Clean Water Act from protecting streams that you can’t float a boat on (loosely speaking, ones that can’t be kayaked) and virtually all wetlands.

To combat this narrative, we are looking to amplify stories of how specific waters are significant to your health and wellbeing, and/or culturally, economically and ecologically important to your and your community’s livelihood.

We are looking for stories about waters that include small stream, wetlands, waters that are downstream to small streams or wetlands, or waters that are important to you in any way. Please don’t worry about mis-characterizing a water body and fill out the form below with as much information as you are able to. We will contact you with any clarifying information/questions.

We need strong Clean Water Act protections and appreciate your work to ensure strong protections for the waters we all rely on!

Here are a few examples of the types of stories we are hoping to amplify: bit.ly/Clean_Water_Stories

If you have questions, or would prefer to provide this information over the phone please contact Lucy Evert (evertl@nwf.org) or Jeni Collins (collinsj@nwf.org).

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