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Your Let Your Voice Be Heard: Tell EPA to move swiftly to protect our waters!

Now that two federal courts have invalidated the Dirty Water Rule, the agencies propose to protect those waters that had been covered prior to 2015. This pre-2015 approach is significantly better than the terrible Trump-era rule but is still inadequate to ensure clean water across the country. The agencies must move promptly towards replacing it by adopting strong, robust federal clean water protections that are rooted in science and consistent with the objective of the Clean Water Act to protect streams, wetlands, and lakes that our families and communities rely on.

Please add your voice telling EPA moving swiftly to this second step to create strong, long-lasting protections for our water resources across the country. Make your voice heard by the end of the comment period on February 7, 2022.

Remember that personal stories are the most impactful. Why is protecting clean water important to you? We need the EPA to hear that this is an issue that affects real people – all of us are hurt when our waterways are destroyed and polluted. Your story is important!

Share your story and help us protect clean water!

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