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Let Your Voice Be Heard: Tell Your Clean Water Story!

October 18 marks 49 years since Congress got serious about protecting clean water and passed the Clean Water Act. This landmark law was designed to protect all of our waters – from the smallest streams to the mightiest rivers – from pollution and destruction. 

Thanks to the Clean Water Act:

  • Billions of pounds of pollution have been kept out of our rivers.
  • The number of waters that meet clean water goals nationwide has doubled – with direct benefits for drinking water, public health, recreation, and wildlife.
  • Healthier rivers support an outdoor recreation industry worth billions, delivering jobs and economic benefits to our communities.
  • Our families have safer places to enjoy the outdoors, from urban riverfront parks to fishing and boating in lakes and bays. 

As we celebrate this anniversary, we also must rally together to protect the progress made so far and to hold policymakers accountable. Clean water is fundamental to cultivating happy, healthy communities,  where all are able to thrive and reach their full potential.

In honor of the Clean Water Act’s anniversary this year, we are looking for people from all backgrounds and geographic areas to speak up about why they care about clean water. We hope that, by sharing your narrative, we can show the breadth and depth of support for clean water across the U.S.

Share your story and help us protect clean water!

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