Today members of Congress and the Clean Water for All Coalition spoke out against the Trump administration’s outrageous proposal to rollback Clean Water Act protections for streams and wetlands. This reckless action will put drinking water and communities across the nation at risk.

Listen to an audio recording of the teleconference here

Highlights from the comments:

Ashley Rossi, Founder and CEO of Tiny Human Food, an organic baby food company in Naperville, IL: “Clean water is mission critical for my business and many others. Up and down the Mississippi River Basin and across the country, even businesses that don’t depend deeply on clean water for their core business, need clean water for their employees at work and at home. I don’t understand how reducing protections for clean water helps any responsible business.”

Rev Lennox Yearwood, President and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus: “This specific decision comes at a time when our communities already face a series of challenges – from crumbling infrastructure, increasing impacts from climate change, and the inability to hold corporate polluters accountable for poisoning our people and planet. Our communities deserve solutions, and this isn’t it. The bottom line is that the consequences of this move are that millions of people will have less access to clean drinking water and those responsible for the pollution will continue to get away with it.”

Collin O’Mara, President and CEO of National Wildlife Federation: “This new rule will narrow the scope of the Clean Water Act beyond anything we have seen since 1972. This short-sighted effort threatens our nation’s drinking water, our wildlife and our way of life. Every American deserves to have safe drinking water flowing from the tap. We need to step up our efforts to protect our waters–not to scale back the rules for big polluters. There are no streams that are safe to pollute, no wetlands that we can plow under or pave over without consequences.”

Bob Wendelgass, President and CEO of Clean Water Action: “The last thing we should do right now is weaken protections for our water. Our water is increasingly stressed by climate change, and other issues like failing and outdated infrastructure. A responsible administration would focus on finding ways to increase safeguards for our drinking water sources. Instead the Trump administration has doubled down on its Dirty Water Agenda. This proposal ignores established science, uses legal reasoning rejected by the two previous administrations, and is sure to be rejected by the vast majority of the public.”

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