Voices from all across the United States are calling out for the protection of clean water. Check out what folks are saying this week about the importance of clean and safe water in their lives.

Top Ten Victories for the environment and climate in 2015 – Huffington Post, 12/30

“From the Chesapeake Bay to the Puget Sound, our waters are where we boat, fish, hike and swim. They’re where we get clean water to drink. Yet for years, more than half of the nation’s streams lacked guaranteed protection under the nation’s Clean Water Act, allowing developers to pave over them and industrial polluters to dump into them unheeded.”

Your fly fishing resolutions – Hatch Magazine, 12/29

“If there’s one constant that makes our fishing tick, it’s clean water. This last year, the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers pushed through the “Waters of the U.S.” rule, also known as the “clean water rule.” The rule is simple—it prohibits un-permitted development the headwaters of America’s great rivers. It restores these protections to our small, sometimes intermittent streams under the federal Clean Water Act.”

Clean Water Rule survived polluter lobbying – Port Huron Times Herald, 12/24

“Friday was a great day for the Great Lakes! When Congress passed a spending bill for 2016 that did not contain any attacks on the EPA’s landmark Clean Water Rule, they made sure that protections for 23,500 miles of streams here in Michigan, including many that feed the Great Lakes and waterways nationwide, will receive protections from the Clean Water Act.”

Clean Water Rule will get its day in court – The Hill, 12/23

“Now the Clean Water Rule will get its day in court, and hopefully get implemented, making America’s waters cleaner and healthier. Congress deserves thanks for keeping the rule alive, the Obama administration deserves thanks for it steadfast support of the rule and America gets a Christmas gift that, should the rule be fully implemented, will continue paying ecological and economical dividends for generations.”


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