Voices from all across the United States are calling out for the protection of clean water. Check out what folks are saying this week about the importance of clean and safe water in their lives!

State’s economy needs Clean Water Rule – St. Cloud Times, 1/23

“More than half of Minnesota’s workforce is employed by the state’s 500,000 small businesses. That’s more than 1.2 million Minnesotans, many whose livelihoods depend on clean water. This includes many small businesses in tourism, recreation, agriculture and more.”

A sensible presidential veto in the wake of a drinking water disaster – Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1/20

“The drinking water disaster unfolding in Flint, Mich., is a powerful reminder that strong environmental regulations are often vital public health safeguards as well. That’s why a presidential veto announced early Wednesday is worth commending.”

Water is essential to life: veto on Water Rule bill warranted – Evangelical Environmental Network – 1/20

“All of life requires water, clean pure water.  It’s something we take for granted, but shouldn’t.  Dirty water, contaminated water, remains a constant threat we must work to ensure doesn’t harm our children and loved ones, as the terrible situation in Flint, Michigan, reminds us.”


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