Voices from all across the United States are standing up for the protection of clean water. Check out what folks are saying this week about the importance of clean and safe water in their lives.

Gamesmanship by Republicans threatens Clean Water Rule – Chicago Sun Times, 12/11

“Big polluters and their allies in Congress are going to great lengths to repeal the rule. This is a serious threat to millions of Americans. That includes small businesses, those who participate in a $200 billion hunting and fishing economy, and families across the nation whose households’ drinking water depends on the sources the rule would protect. And it includes natural treasures of critical fresh waters such as the Great Lakes.”

Paul Ryan can lead on a new path – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/12

“A current effort to defund the Clean Water Rule comes at a time when Wisconsin faces new challenges with water pollution — such as the emerging “dead zone” in Green Bay caused by pollutants in runoff from farms and cities that was recently exposed by the Journal Sentinel’s groundbreaking coverage.”



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