Voices from all across the United States are standing up for the protection of clean water. Check out what these brewers, business owners, and sportsmen and women have to say this week about the importance of clean water in their lives.  

A vote for sportsmen’s access and American jobs – Missoulian, 11/20

“As I was packing the quarters back to my rig through the falling snow, I began thinking of warmer days, when I’ll hopefully be fishing for trout on the Clark Fork and Big Hole rivers. Whether I’m able to enjoy clean mountain streams next summer—and whether my daughter is able to do the same years from now—will be thanks, in part, to the way that Sen. Jon Tester voted recently in Washington.”

Senators thanked for Clean Water support – Cape Gazette, 11/20

“Whether we’re fishing, swimming, or hiking, waterways like the Christina River and Delaware River are a big part of what makes Delaware great. Recently the EPA finalized a new rule that would protect these beloved rivers as well as many others like them in Delaware. The new Clean Water Rule protects 55 percent of the streams in Delaware, as well as the drinking water for 280,000 Delawareans.”

Vervier: Raise a glass to the clean water rule – The Colorado Statesman, 11/18

“At New Belgium Brewing Company, we know how important water is. Beer, after all, is 90 percent water. If something happens to our water, the negative effect on our business — and our industry — would be substantial.”

EPA rule change protects waterways – The Detroit News, 11/18

“The Clean Water Rule, put into effect on Aug. 28, would restore protections to our waterways across the nation. A loophole that was carved into the Clean Water Act in 2006 left more than 23,000 miles of Michigan’s streams and waterways vulnerable to pollution.”

Applauds Casey’s effort – The Sentinel, 11/17

“On behalf of the 8 million Pennsylvanians who rely on small streams for their drinking water, and on behalf of the millions of sportsmen and women who recreate in the Commonwealth’s waters, woods, and wetlands, a heartfelt thank you to Sen. Casey for standing up for the Clean Water Rule.”

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