Voices from all across the United States are standing up for the protection of clean water. Check out what folks are saying this week about the importance of clean and safe water in their lives.

Keeping New York water clean – Gotham Gazette, 11/6

“At the end of this summer, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Rule reinstated Clean Water Act protections to 28,785 miles of streams across New York and over 2 million nationwide that were previously open to pollution. This meant that drinking water for over 11 million New Yorkers, 55 percent of the state’s population, was safe from the toxic chemicals that industry dumps into waterways.”

Sportsmen win a clean-water victory, but the fight isn’t over – Field & Stream, 11/5

“Few recent conservation battles have been better at showing sportsmen just what they can still accomplish, and who their true friends are in Congress, than the fight over the clean water rule. This week was another example. On Tuesday the Senate effectively killed the cynically titled “Federal Water Quality Protection Act”, S.1140. The only thing this act would have protected was the continued loss of protection for 20 million acres of wetlands critical to fish and wildlife – including most waterfowl nesting grounds and cold-water trout streams – not to mention human health.”

Clean Water Rule a big step forward – Lansing State Journal, 11/3

“The Clean Water Act turned 43 last month, so now would be an excellent time for Michigan’s own attorney general, Bill Schuette, to give the Great Lakes an anniversary present. As many know, here in Michigan, we cherish the Great Lakes as the place where we fish, swim and truly enjoy our summers. As a Michigander, I have fond memories of swimming in Lake Michigan during the summers and learning how to kayak down the Huron River. However, the Great Lakes can only be clean if we safeguard the streams that feed it and the wetlands that help keep pollutants out of it.”

Sen. Tester votes to protect the quality of Montana’s waterways – The Montana Standard, 11/3

“Make no mistake – if you’re an angler or someone who simply enjoys Montana’s wild places and clean headwaters streams – and doesn’t that include most of us in this state? – U.S. Sen. Jon Tester stood up for you Tuesday.”

Lawmakers employ radical tactics against clean water – The Hill, 11/3

“They’re at it again.  Congressional leadership is jumping through legislative hoops on behalf of polluters; both chambers have introduced Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions to nullify the Clean Water Rule that would protect the drinking water of one in three Americans.”


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