Voices from all across the United States are standing up for the protection of clean water. Read what these residents of Maine, Montana, and Wisconsin have to say this week about the importance of clean and safe water in their lives.


Maine Voices: Clean Water is lifeline to livelihood – Portland Press Herald, 10/25

“Maine’s economy has become increasingly tied to millions of outdoor recreation and ecotourism dollars. Economists estimate that for every dollar spent on tourism, a minimum of $3, to as much as $10, is multiplied through Maine’s economy. If this is to be sustained, the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization believes that substantial effort must be made to preserve and protect our natural resources, especially our streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands.”


Clean Water Rule: Protect, preserve state’s resources – The Missoulian, 10/23

“When I made the decision to move from a large city in Texas to a small city in Montana, the question I heard most frequently was, ‘Why Montana’? The answer is simple; I chose Montana for its rugged, wild geography and its abundant access to some of our nation’s most stunning natural resources. Montana is a place where I can find solitude and personal growth exploring our mountains, trails, rivers and streams. For us Montanans to continue to utilize and preserve these beautiful places we cherish and love, there are certain measures we must take to ensure their protection. One of our most valued natural resources that is currently in desperate need of our attention and support, is the preservation of our state’s streams and waterways.”


Keep Wisconsin River protected from polluters – Wausau Daily Herald, 10/20

“As the Clean Water Act turns 43 this weekend, our own Wisconsin attorney general, Brad Schimel, has given the Wisconsin River the opposite of an anniversary present. Here in Wisconsin, we cherish the Wisconsin River as the place we boat, paddle and play. Yet our river can only be clean if we safeguard the streams that feed it and the wetlands that help keep pollutants out of it.”

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