Sackett v. EPA: The State of Our Waters One Year Later

One year ago, the Supreme Court issued its sweeping decision in the case Sackett v. EPA, which invalidated federal Clean Water Act protections for most streams and wetlands in the United States. Since then, the fight for clean water protections has been at the state level. This report outlines the state of clean water protections one year out from the Sackett decision and why federal protections for our critical waters is vital in the face of worsening climate change and other threats. 


In the year since the Supreme Court ruling, two states worked to pass legislation to create new permitting programs to fill the gap in federal protections and six states advanced stronger laws and policies to strengthen state protections. Two states passed legislation weakening state-level protections, while efforts to weaken state protections failed in four other states.

Full Report Coming Tuesday May 21!

Map of Changes to State Protections since the Sackett ruling in May 2023

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