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Local officials from across the United States have called on President Joe Biden and Congress to prioritize funding for infrastructure that will make our communities healthier and protect the environment. The local officials released a letter Tuesday, March 16, with Environment America and U.S. PIRG, calling for investments in the following key areas: clean water, transportation, clean energy, solid waste, nature-based infrastructure, schools, and broadband. The letter comes amidst Congressional hearings on using infrastructure as part of the President’s plan to Build Back Better, including a hearing on water infrastructure funding scheduled for Wednesday in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

See below for full text of the letter

Dear President Biden and Members of Congress:

We, the undersigned local elected officials, urge you to boldly invest in the kinds of
infrastructure that will help put our nation’s communities on a visionary and sustainable path.
For far too long, our nation has allowed infrastructure to deteriorate – from crumbling roadways
to broken sewage systems. Some infrastructure – including unnecessary highway expansions,
lead service lines, combined sewers, giant landfills, power plants and pipelines – created new
problems. As a result, our communities face far more pollution than we should tolerate while
their core needs are often unmet.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought several of these problems into stark relief. Safe drinking water
is essential to handwashing and staying hydrated while at home. Air pollution has worsened
COVID outcomes. Our natural yearning for open space is intensified when indoor gatherings are
limited. And yet, COVID-19 has also battered the finances of state and local governments,
making it even harder for us to repair and invest in infrastructure on our own.

To address these challenges, we need a transformative national infrastructure plan that addresses
communities’ 21st century priorities. We must invest in infrastructure that makes us healthier
and safer, and prioritizes “fix it first” over flashy new structures. By focusing on projects that are
truly shovel-worthy (not just shovel-ready), we can meet our communities’ key needs efficiently
and use taxpayer dollars wisely.

We ask that the following be included in your infrastructure plans to help the country get back on
its feet in the wake of a challenging year and build a better future:

● Clean Water: Invest an additional $11.5 billion per year in water infrastructure that
prevents runoff pollution and sewage overflows; and keeps our drinking water safe from
lead, PFAS, and other contaminants.
● Clean Transportation: Expand and electrify public transportation by increasing funding
for Capital Investment Grants, and support community deployment of electric buses with
new funding for the Low or No Emissions Vehicle program.
● Clean Energy: Invest in renewable energy infrastructure by expanding and modernizing
tax credits for wind, solar, and energy storage projects, and by providing grants to help
communities reduce energy use and deploy clean energy projects.
● Natural Infrastructure: Invest in protecting and restoring America’s wetlands, forests,
rivers, and coastlines with the goal of protecting 30 percent of our lands and oceans by
● Reducing waste: Support efforts to reduce waste generation, and promote composting and
recycling (excepting any chemical waste conversion) and move towards “zero waste.”
● Healthy schools: Provide funding to transition to zero-emission electric school buses and
to ensure safe drinking water by replacing fountains and other lead-bearing parts and
installing filters.
● Accessible broadband: Expand broadband internet access to support distance learning and
remote working during COVID-19 and beyond.

While our nation remains divided on many issues, public support for infrastructure investment is
overwhelming and transpartisan. As just one example, 84 percent of Americans support
increased federal spending on infrastructure to ensure clean water.

Thus, creating and supporting a bold vision to address our infrastructure provides a rare
opportunity to bring our nation together to address real and significant challenges facing our
communities and our nation as a whole. Please use this opportunity to make bold investments in
projects and approaches that deliver lasting benefits for our communities and for future


Adele Andrade Stadler, City Councilmember, Alhambra
Emmanuel J. Estrada, Mayor, Baldwin Park
Jesse Arreguin, Mayor, Berkeley
Kate Harrison, City Councilmember, Berkeley
Rigel Robinson, City Councilmember, Berkeley
Adelene Jones, Mayor, Blue Lake
Karen Cunningham, Mayor, Brisbane
Nick Schultz, City Councilmember, Burbank
Lula Davis-Holmes, Mayor, Carson
Jim Dear, Mayor Pro-Tem, Carson
Nancy L. Ross, City Councilmember, Cathedral City
Jill Galvez, City Councilmember, Chula Vista
Porsche Middleton, Vice Mayor, Citrus Heights
Aja L. Brown, Mayor, Compton
Arlis Reynolds, City Councilmember, Costa Mesa
Eli Beckman, Mayor, Corte Madera
Elizabeth Alcantar, Vice Mayor, Cudahy
Hung Wei, City Councilmember, Cupertino
Lucas Frerichs, Vice Mayor, Davis
Maria Morales, City Councilmember, El Monte
Victoria Martinez Muela, City Councilmember, El Monte
Catherine Blakespear, Mayor, Encinitas
Susan Seaman, Mayor, Eureka
Lily Mei, Mayor, Fremont
Ardy Kassakhian, City Councilmember, Glendale
Daniel Brotman, City Councilmember, Glendale
Paula Perotte, Mayor, Goleta
Aisha Wahab, Mayor Pro Tempore & City Councilmember, Hayward
Evelyn L Mitchell, Mayor, Healdsburg
Bob Whalen, Mayor, Laguna Beach
Rita Soto, City Councilmember, Lynwood
Karina R. Dominguez, City Councilmember, Milpitas
Alison Hicks, City Councilmember, Mountain View
Sally Lieber, City Councilmember, Mountain View
Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland
Dennis Pocekay, MD, MPH, City Councilmember, Petaluma
Dave King, City Councilmember, Petaluma
Valerie Arkin, City Councilmember, Pleasanton
Eduardo Martinez, City Councilmember, Richmond
Gayle McLaughlin, City Councilmember, Richmond
Ronaldo Fierro, City Councilmember, Riverside
Chris Dunca, City Councilmember, San Clemente
Victor Aguilar, Jr., Vice Mayor, San Leandro
Rick Bonilla, Deputy Mayor, San Mateo
Lisa M. Gilmore, Mayor, Santa Clara
Gloria Soto, City Councilmember, Santa Maria
Lesa Heebner, Mayor, Solana Beach
James Coleman, City Councilmember, South San Francisco
Jason Roberts, City Councilmember, Vacaville
Blanca Gomez, City Councilmember, Victorville
Kevin Wilk, Mayor, Walnut Creek
Rebecca J. Garcia, City Councilmember, Watsonville
Brian Tabatabai, City Councilmember, West Covina
Lindsey P. Horvath, Mayor, West Hollywood
Monica Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Los Angeles

Sam Weaver, Mayor, Boulder
Marcia Martin, City Council Member, Longmont

Brenda Kupchick, First Selectwoman, Fairfield
Rosa Ferraro-Santana, Alder, New Haven
Steven Winter, Alder, New Haven

Larry Lambert, State Representative, House District 7 (Brandywine Hundred)
David Sokola, State Senator, House District 8 (Newark-Hockessin)
Marie Pinkney, State Senator, House District 13 (South Eastern New Castle County)
Kenneth R Woods, County Councilor, New Castle County

Steven B. Grant, Mayor, Boynton Beach
Kathleen Beckman, City Councilmember, Clearwater
Ben Malik, Mayor, Cocoa Beach
Lauren Poe, Mayor, Gainesville
Anna V. Eskamani, State Representative, House District 47 (Orange County)
Fentrice Driskell, State Representative, House District 63 (Tampa)
Ben Diamond, State Representative, House District 68 (St. Petersburg, Pinellas County)
Evan Jenne, State Representative, House District 99 (Hollywood, S. Broward Counties)
Teri Johnston, Mayor, Key West
Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor, Miami-Dade County
Chris Davis, City Commissioner, Opalocka
Buddy Dyer, Mayor, Orlando
Jennifer Brahier, City Councilmember, Pensacola
Liz Alpert, City Commissioner, Sarasota
Linda Stewart, State Senator, State Senate District 13 (Orlando)
Janet Cruz, State Senator, Senate District 18 (Hillsborough County, Tampa)
Lori Berman, State Senator, Senate District 31 (Central Palm Beach County)
Shevrin D. Jones, State Senator, Senate District 35 (South Eastern Broward County)
Gina L. Driscoll, City Vice Chair, St. Petersburg
Brandi Gabbard, City Councilmember, St. Petersburg
John Dailey, Mayor, Tallahassee
Jeremy Matlow, City Commissioner, Tallahassee
Jacqueline Porter, City Commissioner, Tallahassee

Carol Myers, City Commissioner, Athens
Amir Farokhi, City Councilmember, Atlanta
Brian K. Jones, City Councilmember, Union City
Nick Palumbo, Alderman, Savannah
Anthony S. Ford, Mayor, Stockbridge
Shayla J. Nealy, City Councilmember, Union City

Della Au Belatti, State Representative, House District 24 (Makiki and Tantalus)
Scot Matayoshi, State Representative, House District 49 (Kaneohe and Kailua)
Lisa Marten, State Representative, House District 51 (Honolulu County, Waimanalo)
Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran, State Senator, Senate District 5 (Central Maui)
Bennette E. Misalucha, State Senator, Senate District 16 (Western Kauai)
Mike Gabbard, State Senator, Senate District 20 (Kapolai)
Chris Lee, State Senator, Senate District 25 (Honolulu County, Waimanalo)

Art Staed, State Representative, House District 66 (Cedar Rapids)
Michael Halley, City Councilmember, Fairfield
William Dotzler, State Senator, Senate District 31 (Black Hawk County)
Joe Bolkcom, State Senator, Senate District 43 (Johnson County)

Muffy Davis, State Representative, House District 26 (Lincoln, Gooding, Camas, Blaine

Michael D. Rodriguez, Alderperson, Chicago
Maria E. Hadden, Alderperson, Chicago
Nancy Rotering, Mayor, Highland Park
Lindsey LaPointe, State Representative, House District 19 (Chicagoland)
Edgar Gonzalez, Jr., State Representative, House District 21 (Chicago)
Will Guzzardi, State Representative, House District 29 (Chicago)
Jonathan Carroll, State Representative, House District 57 (Chicago)
Barbara Hernandez, State Representative, House District 83 (Aurora)
Bob Hausler, Mayor, Plano
Rick Reinbold, Mayor, Richton Park
Raymond P. Rogina, Mayor, St. Charles
William D. McLeod, Mayor, Village of Hoffman Estates
Frank Podbielniak, Mayor, Village of Posen
Chris Rintz, Village President, Village of Winnetka

James Brainard, Mayor, Carmel

Logan Heley, City Councilmember, Overland Park
Jori Nelson, City Councilmember, Prairie Village

Cyndi Ngyuen, City Councilmember, New Orleans

Alan Casavant, Mayor, Biddeford
Ryan M. Fecteau, Speaker of the House, House District 11 (Biddeford)
Sophia Warren, State Representative, House District 29 (Scarborough)
Rebecca Millet, State Representative, House District 30 (Scarborough)
Lois Galgay Reckitt, State Representative, House District 31 (South Portland)
Sam Zager, M.D., State Representative, House District 41 (Portland)
Seth Berry, State Representative, House District 55 (Bowdoinham)
Margaret M Craven, State Representative, House District 59 (Lewiston)
Tavis Rock Hasenfus, State Representative, House District 81 (Monmouth, Readfield)
Victoria Doudera, State Representative, House District 94 (Camden)
William Pluecker, State Representative, House District 95 (Warren)
Bruce White, State Representative, House District 109 (Waterville)
Laurie Osher, State Representative, House District 123 (Orono)
Lynne Williams, State Representative, House District 135 (Bar Harbor)
Andrew J. Zarro, City Councilor, Portland
Spencer Thibodeau, City Councilor, Portland
William Doyle, Mayor, Saco
Joseph M. Baldacci, State Senator, Senate District 9 (Bangor)
Nate Libby, State Senator, Senate District 21 (Lewiston)
Ben Chipman, State Senator, Senate District 27 (Portland)

Patricia De Angelis, Town Councilor, Amherst
Darcy DuMont, Town Councilor, Amherst
Mandi Jo Hanneke, Town Councilor, Amherst
Andrew Steinberg, Town Councilor, Amherst
Paul Heroux, Mayor, Attleboro
Dennis J. Carlone, City Councilor, Cambridge
Patricia Nolan, City Councilor, Cambridge
Daniel C. Bennett, Select Board Chair, Danvers
Cesar Stewart-Morales, City Councilor, Framingham
Robert Case, City Councilor, Framingham
Alex Morse, Mayor, Holyoke
Zac Bears, City Councilor, Medford
Emily Norton, City Councilor, Newton
Richard J. Toole, Climate Action Committee Member, Martha’s Vineyard and Oak Bluffs
Steven Morabito, City Councilor, Revere
Jonathan Chines, Town Councilor, Wakefield

Gabe Leland, City Councilmember, Detroit
Raquel Castañeda-López, City Councilmember, Detroit

Peter Fischer, State Representative, House District 43A (Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area)
Fue Lee, State Representative, House District 59A (Minneapolis)
Jamie Long, State Representative, House District 61B (Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area)
Aisha Gomez, State Representative, House District 62B (Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area)
Dave Pinto, State Representative, House District 64B (St. Paul)
Alice Hausman, State Representative, House District 66A (St. Paul, Ramsey County)
Cam Gordon, City Councilmemer, Minneapolis
Lindsey Port, State Senator, Senate District 56 (Southern Twin Cities Metro Area)
Jennifer McEwen, State Senator, Senate District 7 (Duluth)

Kevin B. O’Neill, City Councilmember, Kansas City
Adam C. Morton, Mayor, Knob Noster
Ian Thomas, City Councilmember, Columbia

Andrea Olsen, State Representative, House District 100 (Missoula)

Sändra J. Washington, City Councilmember, Lincoln

Daniel Corona, Mayor, West Wendover
Hillary Schieve, Mayor, Reno

New Jersey
Santiago Rodriguez, City Councilmember, Trenton
Troy Singleton, State Senator, Senate District 7 (Moorestown)

New Mexico
Gabe Vasquez, City Councilmember, Las Cruces
Gill Michael Sorg, City Councilmember, Las Cruces
Alan Webber, Mayor, Sante Fe

New York
James R Dean, Village Trustee, Cooperstown
Tim Rogers, Mayor, New Paltz

North Carolina
Pam Hemminger, Mayor, Chapel Hill
Rosa Gill, State Representative, House District 33 (Wake County)
Julie von Haefen, State Representative, House District 36 (Wake County)
Gale Adcock, State Representative, House District 41 (Raleigh)
Graig Meyer, State Representative, House District 50 (Caswell and Orange Counties)
Pricey Harrison, State Representative, House District 57 (Guilford County)
Evelyn Abrams Terry, State Representative, House District 71 (Forsyth County)
John Autry, State Representative, House District 100 (Charlotte)
Kelly M. Alexander, Jr., State Representative, House District 107 (Croft)
Susan C. Fisher, State Representative, House District 114 (Asheville)
Brian H. Jackson, City Councilmember, Jacksonville
Jay Chaudhuri, State Senator, Senate District 15 (Raleigh, Cary, Garner)
Sarah Crawford, State Senator, Senate District 18 (Franklin and Wake Counties)
Natasha Marcus, State Senator, Senate District 41 (Mecklenburg County)
Julie Mayfield, State Senator, Senate District 49 (Asheville and Buncombe County)

Phyllis E Cleveland, City Councilmember, Cleveland
Melanie Houston, City Councilmember, Grandview Heights
Tom Bullock, City Councilmember, Lakewood
Pete Bucher, City Councilmember, Worthington
Jim O’Reilly, City Councilmember, Wyoming

Arlene Burns, Mayor, Mosier

Samuel J Steff, Borough Councilmember, Albion
Anita Prizio, County Councilmember, Allegheny
Mark Pinsley, County Controller, Allentown
Mary Aversa, Borough Manager, Ambler
Emily Marburger, Mayor, Bellevue
Jillian S. Edmondson, Borough Councilmember, Bellevue
Kara Roggenkamp, Borough Councilmember, Ben Avon
Edward M. Silvetti, Township Supervisor, Blair
James Huber, Town Councilmember, Bloomsburg
Terry Paul Heller, Council President, Brookhaven
Bob Harvie, County Commissioner, Bucks County
Alissa Packer, Borough Councilmember, Camp Hill
Sean M. Schultz, Deputy Mayor, Carlisle
Sean Crampsie, Borough Councilmember, Carlisle
Joel Hicks, Borough Councilmember, Carlisle
Brian Wallace, Mayor, Chalfont
John Engel, Borough Councilmember, Chalfont
Ann Rappoport, Township Commissioner, Cheltenham
Elizabeth Williams, City Councilmember, Chester
Marian Moskowitz, County Commissioner, Chester County
Josh Maxwell, County Commissioner, Chester County
Jacqueline Stevenson, Borough Council Vice President, Colwyn
Anita L. Barton, Borough Councilmember, Conshohocken
Dick Poot, Borough Councilmember, Coopersburg
Kevin M Madden, County Councilmember, Delaware County
Christine Reuther, County Councilmember, Delaware County
Ron Strouse, Mayor, Doylestown
Nickole Nesby, Mayor, Duquesne
Robert B McKinstry Jr., Board of Supervisors Chair, East Marlborough
Markus E. Adams, Mayor, East Pittsburgh
Mary Carol Kennedy, Council President, East Pittsburgh
Sal Panto, Mayor, Easton
Sandra P. Vulcano, City Councilmember, Easton
Joseph Schember, Mayor, Erie
Jessica Semler, Corough Councilmember, Etna
Kimberly Doss, Mayor, Farrell
Cliff Gregory, City Councilmember, Farrell
Dane A. Mincer, Town Councilmember, Greenville
Mary Jo Daley, State Representative, House District 18 (Narberth)
Sara Innamorato, State Representative, House District 21 (Pittsburgh)
Dan Frankel, State Representative, House District 23 (Pittsburgh)
Dan Deasy, State Representative, House District 27 (Pittsburgh)
Austin Davis, State Representative, House District 35 (Allegheny County)
Jessica Benham, State Representative, House District 36 (Pittsburgh)
Matthew Bradford, State Representative, House District 70 (Montgomery County)
H. Scott Conklin, State Representative, House District 77 (Centre County)
Kyle J. Mullins, State Representative, House District 112 (Lackawanna County)
Michael Schlossberg, State Representative, House District 132 (Allentown)
Steve Samuelson, State Representative, House District 135 (Lehigh Valley)
Robert L. Freeman, State Representative, House District 136 (Northampton County)
Tim Briggs, State Representative, House District 149 (King of Prussia)
Joe Webster, State Representative, House District 150 (Collegeville)
Ben Sanchez, State Representative, House District 153 (Montgomery County)
Dianne Herrin, State Representative, House District 156 (West Chester/Chester County)
Greg Vitali, State Representative, House District 166, (Delaware and Montgomery Counties)
Rick Krajewski, State Representative, House District 188 (Philadelphia)
Jared Solomon, State Representative, House District 202 (Philadelphia)
Arlene Wanatosky, Mayor, Homer City
Hannah Christopher, Treasurer, Kennett Square
Danene Sorace, Mayor, Lancaster
Janet Diaz, City Councilmember, Lancaster
Kathleen E Horwatt, Borough Councilmember, Langhorne
Benjamin Hover, Borough Council President, Lansdowne
Bob Elbich, County Commissioner, Lehigh County
Anthony C. Stevenson, Township Commissioner, Lower Merion
Anna Durbin, Township Commissioner, Lower Merion
Richard Churchill, Township Commissioner, Lower Merion
Mike Detweiler, Mayor, Mansfield
Matthew T Shorraw, Mayor, Monessen
Michael Penn, Mayor, Mount Pocono
Leeann Foster, Township Commissioner, Mt. Lebanon
Mark Fallon, Borough Councilmember, Munhall
Bob Weisbord, Borough Councilmember, Narbeth
Frederic Bush, Borough Councilmember, Narbeth
Lance E. Colondo, Mayor, Nazareth
Tara Zrinski, County Councilwoman, Northampton County
Derek S. Green, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Helen Gym, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Kendra Brooks, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Isaiah Thomas, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Jamie Gauthier, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Mark. F. Squilla, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Katherine Gilmore Richardson, City Councilmember, Philadelphia
Theresa Kail Smith, Council President, Pittsburgh
Erika Srtassburger, City Councilmember, Pittsburgh
Christopher G. Manero, Council Chair, Plymouth Township
Katherine Bandish, Township Councilmember, Plymouth Township
Stephanie A. Henrick, Mayor, Pottstown
Sean Farhy, Township Commissioner, Radnor
Eddie Moran, Mayor, Reading
Jody A. Roberts, Borough Council Vice President, Rutledge
Mark Donovan, Supervisor, Schuylkill Township
Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, Mayor, Scranton
Bobbie J. Owens, Borough Councilmember, Selinsgrove
Nikil Saval, State Senator, Senate District 1 (Philadelphia)
John Kane, State Senator, Senate District 9 (Chester and Delaware Counties)
Christine Allen, Borough Council Representative, Sewickley Borough
Matthew Rudzki, Mayor, Sharpsburg
Bruce Hockersmith, Council President, Shippensburg
Jesse Barlow, Council President, State College
Erica Bradley McCabe, Borough Councilmember, Stroudsburg
Matt Silva, Township Councilmember, Upper Darby
Beth Gilbert McBride, City Councilmember, Wilkes-Barre
Marita Garrett, Mayor, Wilkinsburg
Troy Clawson, Borough Councilmember, Youngsville

Steve Adler, Mayor, Austin
Alison Alter, City Councilmember, Austin
Gregorio “Greg” Casar, City Councilmember, Austin
Paige J. Ellis, City Councilmember, Austin
Ron Reynolds, State Representative, House District 27 (Missouri City)
Vikki Goodwin, State Representative, House District 47 (Travis County)
Michelle Beckley, State Representative, House District 65 (Denton County)
Ann Johnson, State Representative, House District 134 (Harris County)
Jada L. Andrews-Sullivan, City Councilmember, San Antonio
Andy Brown, County Judge, Travis County

Dan Dugan, City Councilmember, Salt Lake City

Jim McCollough, State Representative, House District Chittenden 2
Michael Yantachka, State Representative, House District Chittenden 4-1
Barbara Rachelson, State Representative, House District Chittenden 6-6
Avram Patt, State Representative, House District Lamoille-Washington

David F. Snyder, City Councilmember, Falls Church
Mark Keam, State Delegate, District 35 (Fairfax County)
Kaye Kory, State Delegate, District 38 (Fairfax County)
Kathy KL Tran, State Delegate, District 42 (Fairfax County)

Victoria R. Woodards, Mayor, Tacoma

Jill Christopherson, City Councilmember, Eau Claire
Kate Beaton, City Councilmember, Eau Claire
Andrew Werthmann, City Councilmember, Eau Claire
Jeremy Gragert, City Councilmember, Eau Claire
Emily Anderson, City Councilmember, Eau Claire
Susan Johnson, City Councilmember, Janesville
Roger Christians, City Councilmember, LaCrosse
Patrick Heck, Alder, Madison
Tag Evers, Alder, Madison
Keith Furman, Alder, Madison
Samba Baldeh, Alder, Madison
Max Prestigiacomo, Alder, Madison
Luke Fuszard, Alder, Middleton
Nikiya Dodd, Alder, Milwaukee
Trevor Jung, Alder, Racine
David Shorr, Alder, Stevens Point
Tanja L Birke, Alder, Viroqua
Michael Koppa, Alder, Viroqua

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