The public responded to the Trump administration’s proposal to radically redefine the Clean Water Act to strip protections from streams and wetlands with a resounding “No”. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only provided 45 days for public comment, but more than 525,000 Americans demanded that the Administration dump this Dirty Water Rule. Comments came from across the country from a diverse range of constituents — state agencies, water-dependent businesses, community leaders and representatives from underserved communities, people of faith, scientists, wetland experts and mitigation professionals, environmental and conservation groups, tribal nations, hunters and anglers. They talk about personal and spiritual connections to water and the need to do more, not less to protect this vital resources. They discussed the established science that EPA ignored in its proposal, and the shaky legal ground it was on. The comments implored EPA to drop this proposal and begin to defend and enforce the laws that keep our water clean and safe.

Check out the highlights of what different stakeholder groups said about the Dirty Water Rule

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