About the Clean Water for All Coalition

We all need clean, safe water — for drinking and to live healthy lives; for our rivers, bays, lakes, and streams that are vital to healthy communities and the environment; to support swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreational activities that create a strong economy. We know that many communities, particularly Black, Indigenous, People of Color and low-wealth communities have not had the same access to safe, clean water, whether for drinking or recreation.

Clean Water for All was founded in recognition of the need for a single, comprehensive coalition that advocates for national clean water protections, which in turn benefit watersheds across the country. Our national coalition brings together diverse organizations to build and use their collective power to advance equitable policies that promote and increase clean water protections, access, and affordability across the nation.

Our members and partners see Clean Water for All’s programs, staff, and membership network as critical movement infrastructure that supports collaborative strategy development, collective action, information sharing, and relationship building across the movement.

The Coalition commits to the following shared values, which are central to our collective work as we build partnerships, collaboration, and support for strong clean water protections.

  • We value inclusion, racial justice, and equity, as well as the dynamic and complex relationship between them.
  • We value collaboration, focusing on trust-building and elevating those most impacted by water pollution and lack of federal investments, including Black, Indegigenous, People of Color, and low-wealth communities.
  • We value care, passion, creativity, positive impact, the boldness of risk-taking and courage, and innovation in our actions.
  • We value transparency and open dialogue, especially the ability and commitment to working with and through tension.
  • We respect the land, water, and its original stewards, each other, and our greater collective commitment. 

These shared values are important now more than ever, and we recognize that as a Coalition we have work to do to ensure that we are living up to these values. Clean Water for All is committed to ensuring that everyone truly has access to clean water and that we are engaging and elevating communities and constituencies that have been historically excluded from or under-represented at decision-making tables, yet bear the greatest burdens brought on by water pollution and other clean water threats.

To learn more about the Coalition’s strategy and how your organization can fit into, please check out our Strategic Plan. 

Since our founding in 2016, the Coalition has quadrupled in size to serve over 80 member organizations. If you are interested in having your organization join the Coalition, please click below to fill out our Membership Agreement.

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