About Clean Water for All

People care deeply about clean water. Our rivers, bays, lakes, and streams are vital to a healthy environment and a vibrant economy, and provide endless opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreation. Above all, we need clean, safe drinking water to live.

Public support for commonsense protections for clean water is high and people are more aware than they have been in years to the notion that safe, clean water is not a given, but very much under threat.

From massive proposed cuts to EPA’s budget, which will make it difficult for the agency to protect clean water, to rollbacks of commonsense safeguards for water and public health, the Administration and Congress seem bent on undoing federal clean water protections.

In the face of these immediate and coming threats to the nation’s waters, a broad coalition of organizations has come together to elevate the importance of clean water for everyone through strategic national and regional campaigns that engage people, build our collective political power, and influence decision-makers to create equitable policies. 

We have a vision where every community has access to safe and affordable clean water that supports healthy communities, healthy ecosystems, cultural resources, and wildlife.

Further, We commit to the following shared values to guide our work together as we build partnerships and support for strong clean water policies: 

  • Work in collaboration, solidarity and reciprocity
  • Break down systems of oppression
  • Lift up community-informed priorities
  • Remain open to self-transformation

For more information, please contact us at cleanwaterforall (at) nwf (dot) org.

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