“This action is unwise, harms the public, and violates the law. We will challenge the administration in court and look forward to defending clean water for families and communities.”

“This outrageous delay threatens the livelihoods of families, businesses, and communities that rely on streams, wetlands, and the drinking water sources the Clean Water Rule is meant to protect.”

“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is racing the clock to deny protections for our public health and safety. It’s grossly irresponsible, and illegal—and we’ll challenge it in court.”

“The Trump Administration is playing politics with our drinking water. By attempting to delay the Clean Water Rule, the agency is one step closer to repealing the rule altogether.”

Scott Pruitt’s delay of the Clean Water Rule is another galling attack on the clean water our families and communities depend on.

“Today’s action is an unlawful attack on the drinking water of more than 100 million Americans. Once again, the administration has defied administrative law by ramming a fatally-flawed rule through in a matter of weeks with no meaningful opportunity for public comment and no rational basis for the delay.”



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