Voices from all across the United States are speaking up for the protection of clean water. Read what these residents of Kansas and Minnesota have to say this week about the importance of clean water for their health and well-being.

People need clean water – The Daily Star-Journal, 8/17

“Not long ago, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Anyone who’s had this happen to them, or someone they love, knows how devastating this diagnosis can be. And like anyone would be, I was frightened, but I was also determined to find the cause.”

Clean Water Rule protects our lakes, drinking water – Detroit Lakes Online, 8/16

“Every summer in Minnesota, we hear about children and dogs getting sick from ingesting water polluted with toxic urban and agricultural runoff. It is a frustrating reminder of the fragility of our water supplies and the importance of taking every step to protect our families.”

New EPA Clean Water Rule will protect sources for drinking water – Rochester Post-Bulletin, 8/15

“There have been far too many articles in papers lately about pets and people sickened from toxic algae blooms and other results of streams and lakes being polluted by agricultural and urban runoff.”

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