Voices from all across the United States are speaking up for the protection of clean water. Check out what these sportsmen and business owners have to say this week about why clean water is important for each of them.

Clean-water-minded groups deserve praise, not blame – Grand Forks Herald, 7/11

“As a former Air Force officer, NRA member and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers life member, I find it troubling that one of the nation’s newest anti-hunting/angling outfits (the deceptively named “Environmental Policy Alliance,” a Washington-based corporate front that won’t disclose where any of its funds come from) is attacking hunting and angling groups for supporting efforts to keep our nation’s waters clean.”

Protect our rivers and streams – Post Independent, 7/9

“As Colorado is starting to feel like summer, we welcome the warm weather by planning rafting, paddling and fishing trips. Our rivers and streams also help make our local kayak shops, outdoor outfitters and brewers thrive. What’s more, 3,772,743 of us in the region rely on Colorado’s rivers for clean drinking water.”

Clean Water Act rules have strong basis – The Courier-Journal, 7/9

“In Kentucky, clean water is the backbone for our way of life. From the founding of many towns and cities along waterways, to our bourbon industry, our hunting and fishing opportunities, and our various agricultural sectors, you could argue Kentucky is water.”

Encourage Senators Baldwin and Johnson to support Clean Water Rule – The Cap Times, 7/9

“From the banks of the Rock River to the arching shorelines of Lake Superior, ensuring Wisconsin’s waterways remain clean is too urgent a priority to ignore. In order to reinforce this message, I encourage all members of the public to voice their support for the health safeguards secured by the Clean Water Rule.”

Indiana shouldn’t fight Clean Water Act – 7/8

“The rule has been vetted by universities and is based on peer-reviewed scientific research. It will restore protections to many miles of streams and wetlands nationwide that were protected in the original Clean Water Act. This rule is vital to clean water.”

Fear-mongering about new Clean Water Rule isn’t credible – The Cap Times, 6/30

“The premise of the rulemaking process was simple and sound. It’s not possible to properly meet the act’s mandate to protect large water bodies from pollution and depletion without addressing tributaries to those water bodies. Water upstream flows downstream. So it was constructive for the agencies to clarify under what circumstances upstream tributaries were covered by the Clean Water Act.”

Clean water is good for cows and kids – Roll Call, 6/29

“Fresh Vermont cream and milk make up more than half of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. So we’ve always worked hard to support safe and sustainable food production, family farms and rural communities. That’s why we’re so proud to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Water Rule. Clean water isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity.”

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