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What I told EPA in Kansas City

This was originally posted here By Jennifer Peters, National Water Programs Director, Clean Water Action This week advocates and activists are in Kansas City, Kansas for the one and only public hearing the Environmental Protection Agency scheduled for it's scheme to...

Speaking Out for Water in Kansas City

This was originally posted here By Michael Kelly, Communications Director, Clean Water Action I’m in Kansas City this week, and it’s not just for BBQ and jazz and the Negro League Baseball Museum (though those are nice perks). I’m here because the Environmental...

The story of Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia

Why access to clean water is vital for communities. Clean Water For All and Bartram’s Garden team up to tell the story of Bartram’s and how access to clean water can bring people together and support urban communities. As Rosemary...

Five Wetland Species Jeopardized by Clean Water Act Rollback

Glenn Watkins   |   January 17, 2019 Originally published here Great Egret, Ardea alba. Photo by Rodney Cammauf, National Park Service. We all live downstream. And the only way to have safe water downstream is by protecting water upstream at its source. Despite this,...

6 Wildlife Facts for World Wetlands Day

Glenn Watkins, Maggie Yancey   |   February 2, 2015 Originally published here Forty-four years ago on February 2, 1971, on the Caspian Sea, a group of forward-thinking world leaders gathered to set-forth a framework for international cooperation to conserve...

Group comment letter about USDA’s interim wetlands protection rule

February 5, 2019 Download this letter here Public Comments Processing Attention: National Leader for Wetland and Highly Erodible Land Conservation USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20250 Re: Docket Number...

The lowdown on Trump’s lowdown Dirty Water Rule

This was originally published on NRDC's blog. Earlier this month, the Trump administration unveiled its long-threatened scheme to radically restrict the Clean Water Act, the country’s key safeguard against pollution of our lakes, rivers, and wetlands. If they follow...

Press Releases

NPCA – Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Can’t Come at Cost to Parks

Reports on the infrastructure proposal indicate the administration intends to dismantle bedrock conservation laws in the name of rebuilding. The administration argues that these rollbacks are necessary to expedite these projects. This is a false choice. To allow these rollbacks is to risk losing our natural, historical and cultural heritage our nation sought to preserve in the first place.

LCV – Trump’s Budget, Infrastructure Plans Sell Out Our Future

We don’t have to choose between fixing our crumbling infrastructure and having clean air and water, yet Trump’s infrastructure plan is nothing more than another scam that would destroy our environment, privatize our public works, increase taxes on the middle class, and bulldoze communities’ ability to have a say in the projects happening in their own backyard. Never mind that it does nothing to prioritize communities that need the most help, move our country toward a clean energy future, or plan for a changing climate.

Sierra Club – Trump’s Infrastructure Scam is a Fraud

This is a bill designed to eliminate environmental protections and fork over billions in taxpayer dollars to big corporations that has been dressed up as an ‘infrastructure proposal’ to trick the public. This is not a serious proposal to make the investments America’s infrastructure needs — this is a scam designed to gut clean air, water, and wildlife protections, transform public highways and bridges into privately owned toll roads, and sell off America’s public lands

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