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FY19 President’s Budget: Agriculture

As we know, the President’s budget is dead on arrival at Capitol Hill. However, it gives us some good opportunity for messaging around the importance of various programs as well as insight into the Farm Bill proposals that the administration supports.

Michael McAfee on President Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

This plan will put the burden of fixing the nation’s infrastructure on the most vulnerable communities that we know already cannot pay for it. This plan does not have a vision for moving us forward. It repeats the sins of our nation’s past. That’s unacceptable.

Nsedu from Children’s Environmental Health Network on the Trump Infrastructure Scam

“How is this plan planning to address the most vulnerable and really protect all families?” The most vulnerable being our children, our children of today and our children of the future. It is a right that everyone in this country should have access to quality, affordable, clean water to drink and to survive, and unfortunately, that is not our reality today.

Mark Magana of Green Latinos on Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

Of course we need to rebuild our nation’s roads and bridges and water systems, but the progress should not prioritize corporate profits while sacrificing the health of our children. We need real investments to ensure affordable, safe, and clean water, and environmental safeguards for all our families.

Rev Yearwood from Hip Hop Caucus on Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Our communities are no longer just fighting for equality. In the 21st century with this infrastructure plan we’re fighting for equality and we’re fighting for existence. It’s clear, this plan does not care about the citizens of this country. This plan literally cuts away some of the most fundamental things that we need like clean air and clean water.

What They Are Saying: EPA Delays the Clean Water Rule

“This action is unwise, harms the public, and violates the law. We will challenge the administration in court and look forward to defending clean water for families and communities.” Bob Irvin, American Rivers "This outrageous delay threatens the livelihoods of...

What does the SCOTUS decision mean for clean water?

Clean water is the most basic requirement of trout and salmon, and the people who fish for them. Gravity works cheap, and it never takes a day off. To be effective, the Clean Water Act must be able to require permits for polluting activities in headwaters and wetlands that flow downstream through communities to our major lakes, rivers and bays. The Clean Water Rule is based on well-established science, legal precedent and reasonable exemptions for agricultural producers as land stewards, and we expect the courts will eventually uphold its substance.

What is the Latest Dirty Water Rider?

What is the Latest Dirty Water Rider?

The Clean Water Rule is supported by science, law, and public opinion. But the Dirty Water Rider would let the Trump administration ignore facts and instead base its repeal on entirely fabricated claims of regulatory overreach. Don’t let this happen.

Press Releases

Trump Administration Undermines Clean Water Protections

“Today’s action is an unlawful attack on the drinking water of more than 100 million Americans. Once again, the administration has defied administrative law by ramming a fatally-flawed rule through in a matter of weeks with no meaningful opportunity for public comment and no rational basis for the delay. The administration has left us no choice but to defend America’s waterways in court.”

Trump Leaves Drinking Water in Limbo

“The Trump administration is showing it would rather rig the system against clean water and public health. This outrageous delay threatens the livelihoods of families, businesses, and communities that rely on streams, wetlands, and the drinking water sources the Clean Water Rule is meant to protect.”

Ruling: Clean Water Rule Cases To Be Heard In District Courts

“We urge the Trump administration to protect clean water and create certainty for stakeholders by swiftly moving to defend and implement the smart, targeted protections of the rule. The Clean Water Rule is still the law of the land and is still the best way to protect our nation’s waters, while respecting private property rights. We will continue to fight to defend clean water in the courts, the agencies, and in Congress.”

Clean Water Action: After Supreme Court Loss EPA Should Protect Clean Water Now

“There is no excuse for EPA and the Army Corps to continue delaying protecting  streams, wetlands, and our drinking water from polluters. The Trump administration should do what any responsible administration would do  ─ implement the Clean Water Rule wherever possible and vigorously defend it in the federal district courts. This would provide clarity to stakeholders across the nation while ensuring that the drinking water for 1 in 3 of us is protected.”

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