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LCV Statement on Omnibus Spending Bill

“This spending bill is a repudiation of President Trump’s extreme budget cuts. It recognizes that we need more investments—not fewer—to protect public health, boost our outdoor recreation economy, and grow clean energy jobs.”

NPCA – Omnibus Proposal a Boost for National Parks

“The funding bill will provide a major boost for important road, bridge, and trail repair projects and for fixing historic sites– just as the National Park Service is preparing for another busy summer travel season.”

GreenLatinos Statement on Omnibus Appropriations Bill

“Although this bill maintains most environmental protections for our communities; there is room for improvement. Through this process we continued to see Republican introduction of environmental poison pill riders that look to override the best interest of the public in favor of corporate bottom lines.”

TRCP – Spending Bill with Wildfire Funding Fix Would Be a Defining Conservation Achievement for Congress

“We are thrilled and relieved to see bipartisan support for many provisions in this spending bill that will benefit fish and wildlife habitat, clean water, sportsmen’s access, and the outdoor recreation economy, but hunters and anglers especially have reason to cheer for the wildfire funding fix, which will ensure that the Forest Service can get back to the business of maintaining healthy habitat and excellent facilities.”

NRDC — New Spending Bill Repudiates Trump’s Dangerous Agenda

“Cooler heads seem to be prevailing — at long last. We welcome this bipartisan repudiation of the draconian spending cuts sought by President Trump. It rejects many further attacks on our health and the environment, including most legislative ‘riders’.’’

Letter to the Senate, RE: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

On behalf of our organizations and our millions of members and supporters, we write to submit recommendations to address America’s water infrastructure needs and challenges. As the Environment and Public Works Committee considers legislation addressing our nation’s water infrastructure crisis we urge you to implement our recommendations to help ensure clean water for all.

Press Releases

NPCA – Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Can’t Come at Cost to Parks

Reports on the infrastructure proposal indicate the administration intends to dismantle bedrock conservation laws in the name of rebuilding. The administration argues that these rollbacks are necessary to expedite these projects. This is a false choice. To allow these rollbacks is to risk losing our natural, historical and cultural heritage our nation sought to preserve in the first place.

LCV – Trump’s Budget, Infrastructure Plans Sell Out Our Future

We don’t have to choose between fixing our crumbling infrastructure and having clean air and water, yet Trump’s infrastructure plan is nothing more than another scam that would destroy our environment, privatize our public works, increase taxes on the middle class, and bulldoze communities’ ability to have a say in the projects happening in their own backyard. Never mind that it does nothing to prioritize communities that need the most help, move our country toward a clean energy future, or plan for a changing climate.

Sierra Club – Trump’s Infrastructure Scam is a Fraud

This is a bill designed to eliminate environmental protections and fork over billions in taxpayer dollars to big corporations that has been dressed up as an ‘infrastructure proposal’ to trick the public. This is not a serious proposal to make the investments America’s infrastructure needs — this is a scam designed to gut clean air, water, and wildlife protections, transform public highways and bridges into privately owned toll roads, and sell off America’s public lands

Blue Green Alliance – The Right Way to Repair America’s Infrastructure

Unfortunately, the infrastructure plan released this week by President Trump falls far short on all three counts. It passes the buck to states and local governments to carry the weight of investment, mentions little to assure workers that jobs created will be quality jobs, does not guarantee that projects will be required to use American products, and fails to consider the added strain climate change will put on our infrastructure in the future.

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