Clean Water for All

Fighting for commonsense protections for clean water and public health
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Who We Are

The Clean Water for All Campaign brings together advocates with diverse backgrounds and interests at local, regional, and national levels, to promote and conserve clean water for everyone. Clean Water for All is a broad coalition of environmental, conservation, sportsmen, and community groups standing together in support of clean water.

What We Do

We engage and mobilize Americans from coast to coast advocate for commonsense protections for, and equitable access to, clean water.

Who's With Us

Voices for clean water
Access to clean, affordable water is essential to building a more equitable America, where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. The recent crisis in Flint, Michigan shone a spotlight on water challenges and environmental injustice that disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color. But sadly, Flint is only among many such examples. More than 1.3 million Americans don’t have running water at home, and many don’t have access to clean water at all. At the same time, the nation’s water infrastructure is in desperate need of repair, and strategic investments in this sector have the potential to bring good jobs and pathways toward economic mobility to communities hit hardest by water stress. PolicyLink is proud and excited to join Clean Water Action in the fight for smart, equitable policies that will ensure that all communities have safe, reliable, affordable water and wastewater systems. Angela Glover Blackwell

CEO, PolicyLink

One of our biggest challenges in this new political climate is being unsure which clean water threats we will encounter form month to month. This is why it is important to be proactive and engage the public on state and local issues through the Clean Water for All campaign. We as a community are stronger when we pull our knowledge and resources together to accomplish our common goal, protecting water. Chante Coleman

Director, Choose Clean Water Coalition

For decades, the United States has made great strides toward ensuring greater water protections that protect access to clean drinking water for over 117 million Americans. The Trump administration’s latest attempts to rollback the Clean Water Rule seriously undermine these efforts and put the environmental health of our communities at risk. Despite the administration blatant neglect of public health, we will continue to engage our communities and fight for federal action to protect access to clean water for all. Brent Wilkes

CEO, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

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