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Protect Clean Water for All

Clean Water for All

People care deeply about clean water. Our rivers, bays, lakes, and streams are vital to a healthy environment and a vibrant economy, and provide endless opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreation. Above all, we need clean, safe drinking water to live.

Americans did not vote in 2016 to undermine basic protections for clean water. Public support for the issue remains high and people are more aware than they have been in years to the notion that safe, clean water is not a given, but very much under threat. 

While President Trump has expressed his support for crystal clean water, the Administration and Congress seem bent on undoing federal clean water protections. For example: 

The executive order that started the process of withdrawing the Clean Water Rule, which protects drinking water sources for one in three people in this country

Major cuts to the EPA’s in the President’s budget proposal and expected cuts in various Congressional appropriations bills, particularly in the area of enforcement, which will seriously hamper every state’s ability to keep its waters safe and clean.

Harmful policy riders attached to must-pass legislation, such as annual appropriations bills or debt ceiling legislation. 

Executive orders and bills in Congress that aim to cripple agencies’ authority to adopt new safeguards, such as President Trump’s unlawful and dangerous order directing agencies to repeal two regulations for any new one adopted.

In the face of these immediate threats to the nation’s waters a broad coalition of environmental, conservation, sportsmen, and community groups is engaging and mobilizing Americans to get involved in the fight to protect clean water.

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What is the Clean Water Rule All About?

The Clean Water Rule Protects Drinking Water Sources for 117 Americans

The Clean Water Rule protects the sources of drinking water for more than 117 millions Americans.

The Clean Water Rule Protects Wetlands

The Clean Water Rule safeguards millions of acres of wetlands that filter pollutants and protect communities by absorbing floodwaters.

The Clean Water Rule makes sure people and public health comes before polluter profits

The Clean Water Rule brings us one step closer to our nation’s goal of swimable, fishable, drinkable water for all Americans.

Clean Water Rule Infographic Part 1
Clean Water Rule Infographic Part 2

Learn More About Why the Clean Water Rule is Important to Sportsmen, Small Businesses, and Public Health

What They are Saying: Environmental, Conservation, Equity, and Health Groups Respond to the Trump Admin Action on Water Protections

Today President Trump’s EPA announced a draft proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule. The Clean Water Rule, finalized in 2015, protects the streams and wetlands that feed the drinking water sources for 1 in 3 Americans. Responses to this irresponsible and dangerous proposal, from environmental, conservation, equity-focused, public health, and community groups, follow.

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